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Columbia, MD Carpenter Bee Control

Top Rated Carpenter Bee Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Columbia MD

When it comes to bee activity, most of us try to stay away from these stinging insects. If we do see them, we usually try to get away from them as quickly as possible. The fear is that they’ll sting us and leave us with an uncomfortable welt. However, when it comes to carpenter bees, things are a bit different. 

Professional Carpenter Bee Control For Columbia, MD Properties

Columbia property owners should know about carpenter bees which are common area invaders. One of the main threats they pose is their ability to sting. The sting is similar to any other bee sting but can become severe if you have a serious bee allergy. Only female carpenter bees have stingers, and they usually only sting when bothered.

If you suspect carpenter bee activity around your Columbia home or business, securing reliable protection is a good idea. Here at Miche Pest Control, we service residential and commercial properties with complete carpenter bee control In Columbia, MD. Read on to learn more about carpenter bees and how professional pest solutions are the best way to deal with an infestation.

Carpenter Bees: How To Identify And Avoid Them In Columbia

The first thing to know about carpenter bees is that only female carpenter bees have stingers; they usually only sting if provoked. Male carpenter bees buzz aggressively around wood holes where larvae hatch, but they don’t sting.

Carpenter bees burrow inside the wood, laying their eggs and growing their populations. They attract other wood-destroying insects by providing easy access to wood sources, and not only that, but their hatching larvae also attract woodpeckers that make holes in the wood looking for a meal. 

How Dangerous Are Carpenter Bees In Columbia?

If you’re wondering about the dangers of carpenter bees in Columbia, there are a few things to consider. Carpenter bees pose the threat of stinging. Like any bee sting, it can become severe if you suffer from bee allergies. The sting can become serious if someone has a bee allergy and cause anaphylactic shock.

If you’re not sure about your allergy level, the best idea is to get the sting checked out by a medical professional. Even if you don’t have a bee allergy, it’s still a good idea to be as cautious as possible.

Stinging insects cause different reactions in everyone, so it’s important to avoid them as much as possible. The best way to protect yourself from carpenter bees is to reach out to your local pest professionals.

Carpenter Bee Damage In Columbia Homes

Carpenter bees are known for causing serious structural damage to homes and businesses. Since they burrow in the wood and lay eggs to grow their population, you may see carpenter bees emerging out of wood.

They like to burrow in unfinished wood, where they lay their eggs that eventually hatch into larvae. As the entire lifecycle continues, structural damage can become worse and worse. Now that you know more about the carpenter bee damage in Columbia homes, it’s time to do something about it. 

Columbia's Complete Guide To Effective Carpenter Bee Control

If you want to deter carpenter bees from building their nests around your home or business, there are some things you can do to be proactive. Here’s Columbia’s complete guide to effective carpenter bee control: 

  • Apply treatment around your home to treat scout bees swarming around.
  • Avoid planting large flowers or cultivating a garden too close to your home.
  • Be sure to remove all nests and honeycomb present on the property.
  • Block off access points such as cracks, crevices, or chips in the structure.
  • Close gaps around the foundation and siding of the house.
  • Don’t leave appliances, equipment, and junk strewn about the yard.
  • Don’t leave out any prepared food as exposed food sources attract bees.
  • Eliminate outdoor clutter to deter bees from nesting around your yard.
  • Get rid of piles of leaves or brush lying around your yard. 
  • Place peppermint plants around your property as bees dislike this scent.
  • Seal potential entry points with caulk or using metal screens.

While it’s always great to take preventative measures to keep carpenter bees from nesting on your property, sometimes these efforts aren’t effective enough. At the end of the day, the best way to handle bees on your property is to reach out to the experts.

If you detect any bee activity around your property, don’t try to deal with it on your own. It’s much too dangerous to attempt to remove a nest by yourself. Contact Miche Pest Control today to discuss your carpenter bee control and prevention needs. We’re here to help. 

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