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Wasp Control In Burke, VA

Top Rated Wasp Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Burke, VA

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides wasp control services for homes and businesses in Burke, VA and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of wasp infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the wasps from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

Comprehensive Wasp Control For Burke, VA

While an occasional wasp on your Burke property is generally nothing to worry about for those of us who are not allergic to their venom, wasps do have the potential to be dangerous. This is especially the case when they nest on your property. While not all wasps are aggressive by nature, all of these stinging insects will fiercely protect their nests, many of them attacking in swarms and stinging repeatedly. If you have a wasp nest on your property, the safest course of action is to call the professionals at Miche Pest Control for help removing it.

At Miche Pest Control, we have all kinds of experience removing wasp nests. In fact, nest removal is a standard feature of our quarterly pest control plans. Don't let wasps or other stinging insects take the fun out of your outdoor enjoyment. Instead, let our experts safely remove nests from your property and help you put plans in place to keep wasps away from your home or business in Burke, VA.

Where Did These Wasps In My Burke Backyard Come From?

While it may seem like a surprise to find wasps in your Burke backyard, they’ve probably been festering for some time. Some of the key things that may make your property attractive to wasps are:

  • The presence of sweet food, like rotten fruit that’s fallen from trees.
  • Access to the inside of your home, where they can take up shelter.
  • A steady supply of insects to eat.
  • Porches or other overhanging eaves, which make an ideal spot for constructing a nest.
  • A surplus of food scraps and garbage and access to it.

It doesn’t take much for wasps to find your home attractive, which is why at Miche Pest Control, we look to provide the most comprehensive wasp control around. We know how dangerous these pests can be, which is why we not only remove their nests but we also treat for them preventively on a quarterly basis. Our expert technicians are skilled in the total removal of wasp nests, whether they’re active or not. And if any wasps appear between visits, we’ll re-treat your property on us. To learn more about how wasp control might benefit your property, contact us today.

Why Wasps Can Be A Danger To Burke Residents

Though many people in Burke look to keep wasps on their property because of the ecological benefits that they provide, these pests can also pose some serious risks. To start, they are very protective and aggressive pests. If they feel threatened, whether it’s in their nest or otherwise, wasps are known to attack as a group. The result from a significant number of wasp stings can be difficulty breathing, swelling, and anaphylaxis. One thing that keeps wasps coming back to your property is the presence of an old nest, which they’ll use in order to determine whether or not your property is still ideal for them. Other factors like outdoor gatherings and having wood around your yard that’s unfinished is enough to keep wasps coming back; however, there is still a lot of variability in their level of determination to take up shelter on your property. In order to protect yourself from the dangers that wasps pose as well as get to the root cause of why these issues are happening, you need professional wasp control from Miche Pest Control. We provide quarterly services to ensure that your property is free from wasps and that even means the safe and complete removal of any nests, no matter what state they’re in. To learn more about wasp control and how it can protect your home, contact us today.

Tips To Avoid Cockroach Infestations In Burke

Working to avoid a cockroach infestation in your Burke home is one of the most important things you can do to keep everyone in your home safe, as these problems can get out of control quickly. In order to keep cockroaches away, try these tips:

  1. Address moisture problems inside and outside the home. Cockroaches are drawn to damp areas, so check your gutters, downspouts, and roofs for leaks routinely and inside the home, tend to faucets, pipes, and other fixtures and remedy them as needed. 
  2. Seal up your foundation. These pests can sneak through very small openings so fill gaps around doors and windows with weather stripping, apply caulk to holes in your foundation, and repair worn window screens. 
  3. Check boxes. Another common way for cockroaches to gain access to your home is by going for a ride in packages. Open any shipped goods outside and inspect them thoroughly.
  4. Properly store food. Your food is one of the most enticing things to cockroaches so always keep it in airtight containers and dispose of anything that’s gone bad. 
  5. Keep things clean and tidy. Things like clutter, dirty dishes, crumbs, spills, and overflowing trash are all enough to attract cockroaches and keep them around, so be sure to tidy up on a routine basis and maintain a hygienic living environment.
  6. Contact the pros. Once cockroach problems have developed in your home, they can be very difficult to control. Preventive measures with professional help from your local pest expert is always the way to go. 

For cockroach control that will keep your home safe, contact Miche Pest Control today.

Wasp Control: What Burke Homeowners Need To Know

Keeping wasps off of your Burke home property can prove difficult, especially when warmer temperatures start to peak and outdoor gatherings abound. During this time, wasps are looking for ideal conditions for their nests, as well as sweet foods, which come in the form of fallen fruit from fruit trees, piled up garbage from outdoor gatherings, and even spills or crumbs that might be left on your patio. Keeping wasps at bay can be a full-time job and with their aggressive nature as a reality, they’re not the kind of pest that homeowners want to tackle on their own. That’s why the safest and most secure form of wasp control is professional assistance from Miche Pest Control. We are completely committed to your safety, which means the total removal of all wasp nests and preventive maintenance on a quarterly basis. Because we stand by our work, if any wasps appear between these scheduled visits, we’ll treat your property at no additional cost to you. For more information on wasp control that works, contact us today.

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