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Are Wasps In Baltimore Dangerous?

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This is a complicated question to answer. While Baltimore wasps are certainly dangerous, they may not necessarily be dangerous to you. Let's take a closer look at these painful pests and see how concerned you should be about having them on your Baltimore property.

The Benefits

It isn't so bad to have a wasp visit your property. Wasps are beneficial insects. Not only do they help with pollination, as bees do, but they also kill spiders and other pests. Sure, they're not nearly as dedicated as a human pest control technician, but every little bit helps, right?

Wasp Nests

Visits from wasps aren't so bad. All wasps are somewhat docile when they are away from their nests. As long as you don't take a swing at them, you're not likely to get stung. Problems arise when wasps create nests. This is because they have a nest-protection instinct. To mitigate the threat that wasps may present to you or your family, take notice of wasps going in and out of vegetation, holes, or entry points in structures, and keep an eye out for grey, paper nests forming. That last thing you want is for one wasp to turn into a swarm of angry wasps in a matter of seconds.

One Painful Sting

A wasp sting is painful. That horrible pain might be the extent of the threat a wasp will present to you. While something you probably want to avoid, it isn't a danger. You're likely to recover from a wasp sting. If stung, it helps if you wash the area and put a cold compress on it. This will reduce the swelling and pain. One of the best ways to prevent stings is to pay attention to where you put your hands and where you sit when you're outside.

Multiple Stings

You may have heard that bees lose their stinger when they sting you. Well, don't count on wasps doing this. A wasp can cling to you and sting you several times. Keep this in mind if you only have a small nest on your property. It doesn't take many wasps to ruin your day. Always be cautious when addressing paper wasp nests, even starter nests.


You may know that all it takes is one sting from a bee or wasp to cause a fatal reaction. This is how wasps present the greatest danger. But it is important to keep this in perspective. Some experts estimate that only .8 percent of children and just 3 percent of adults are likely to have an insect sting allergy. Those are fairly good odds. You can mitigate the repercussions of a dangerous allergic reaction by taking the following precautions.

  • Learn the symptoms of insect sting allergy.
  • Get tested by your physician periodically.
  • Take steps to make your property less attractive to wasps.
  • Invest in a residential pest control plan that includes coverage for wasps.

Wasp Prevention

Wasps are only as dangerous as you allow them to be. If you take steps to quickly address wasp problems on your property, and alter conditions that attract wasps, you can avoid a dangerous encounter.

  • Trim bushes and shrubs routinely.
  • Remove water sources, such as puddles or containers that capture rainwater.
  • Remove flowering weeds from your landscaping and lawn or have these areas treated by a professional.
  • Fill in ground holes and seal entry points in the structures on your property.

Nest Removal

If you notice a grey starter nest, you may be able to quickly address the problem by using a broom to dislodge it from the surface on which it is attached. Before you do, here are a few suggestions:

  • Inspect the nest to see if there are visible honeycombs. A starter nest will have a dozen visible compartments.
  • As a nest develops, many honeycomb compartments will be visible, and the nest will have many wasps climbing on it during the day. At this point, it is best to contact a licensed pest professional to handle the nest removal.
  • If you find a starter nest with only a few honeycomb compartments, a broom can solve your problem. We recommend removing the starter nest in the daytime while the queen is away from her nest.
  • If a starter nest is in a difficult-to-reach location, such as your roofline, keep in mind that a licensed pest professional has insurance to cover falls.

The Best Way To Mitigate Wasp Dangers

Early detection and quick removal of nests is the secret to protecting yourself and your family. If you live in Baltimore, reach out to Miche Pest Control. We offer a quarterly pest control service that provides nest detection and removal. If you'd like to learn more or schedule a visit with one of our licensed technicians, reach out to us today. We're here to help.

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