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Pyramid Ants

Pyramid ants can be found through Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, as well as most of the rest of the United States. Some species of pyramid ants build distinctive nest openings that resemble a small volcano crater. It consists of a single entry hole surrounded by a cone of excavated soil. Pyramid ants live in dry, open habitats, such as yards and pastures. They are aggressive scavengers and predators feeding on live and dead insects. They actively feed on sweet liquids, thus will frequently tend to aphids for honeydew, and feed on plant nectaries. Generally they are not pests, but because of their fast movements and distinctive nest entrances, they are very conspicuous and often prompt questions. However, their nests can be unsightly and pyramid ant workers are known to bite occasionally.

Pyramid ant workers are small, generally less than 4 mm long, and can range in color from yellow, yellowish-brown, reddish-brown, brown, or grayish-black to black. Some species may be weakly bi-colored. They have a distinctive vertical cone-like or pyramid-shaped protuberance rising dorsally from the propodeum. Pyramid ants have a one-segmented pedicel, and the body is smooth with a covering of fine hairs that are close together.


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