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Best Flea Control In Annandale, VA

Top Rated Flea Control Services For Homes & Businesses In Annandale, VA

Miche Pest Control is a top rated, family owned and operated, full service pest control company that provides flea control services for homes and businesses in Annandale, VA and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians get rid of flea infestations fast, and work preventatively to keep the fleas from coming back after they've been eliminated. Miche Pest Control has a 4.9 star rating and over 1,000 reviews online - call today!

Comprehensive Flea Control For Annandale, VA

Whether or not you have pests in Annandale, it is important to keep your home safe from flea infestations. While they are more common in homes with dogs and cats, fleas can infest any home in the area by catching a ride on nearby wildlife or sneaking in on our belongings. Regardless of how they arrived, the experts at Miche Pest Control can help you eliminate fleas from your Annandale home.

At Miche Pest Control, we have specialized flea control services that eliminate existing populations and help prevent recurring infestations. Our products are EPA registered and safe for use around children and pets while still being effective against fleas as well as mosquitoes and ticks. For those who want to go the next step, we even offer a line of organic products. Call today for your free quote or to sign up for your first service. 

Can Fleas In Annandale Be Dangerous?

When fleas abound on your Annandale property they can be very dangerous, especially if you have any pets. Because fleas can feed up to 15 times their body weight in blood, they can cause significant health risks to cats and dogs, which they prefer. This near-constant feeding can result in anemia, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It can also lead to hair loss and excessive itching as secondary infections. Though less likely, fleas can also transmit dog tapeworms to humans and cause skin infections like impetigo. To keep fleas out of your home throughout the year, contact Miche Pest Control for flea control today.

How Fleas Can End Up In Your Annandale Home

Fleas are a very small pest that is almost easy to miss in your Annandale home completely. Once they’ve gained access to your home, they search for a host to feed off of, which is usually your cats and dogs. Once they’ve found their host, fleas will feed until they are full and have caused anemia or other serious illnesses like Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Some of the ways that they enter your home are:

  • Latched onto rodents and wildlife that make their way to your property
  • On the backs of your cats and dogs after they’ve spent time outside or with unknown dogs
  • Attached to your personal belongings after spending time in areas of tall grass, dense vegetation, or the woods
  • Embedded into secondhand items like couches, chairs, mattresses, or other upholstered items
  • They were left behind by an old resident or they’ve jumped from wall to wall of multi-unit housing

Keeping fleas out of your Annandale home can prove difficult, but with professional flea control from Miche Pest Control, that doesn’t have to be the case. We provide routine larvicide applications and yard fogging in order to eradicate fleas of all life stages. If any fleas return between our regularly scheduled maintenance calls, we’ll re-treat your property at no additional cost to you. All of the products we use are EPA-approved and applied by our expert technicians to further ensure your total safety. To learn more about flea control and how your home can benefit from it, contact us today.

Do DIY Pest Control Solutions Work In Annandale?

When pest problems happen in Annandale, it’s very common for individuals to try to rectify these problems with an individual mouse trap or by applying weather stripping to their doors and windows. But the problems with DIY pest control abound and can actually leave property owners with bigger issues than they initially had. These techniques are oftentimes not strong enough to actually affect any real change, they can be costly, and they don’t get at the root cause of why pest problems are occurring. In stark contrast, professional pest control is one of the best investments you can make in your property.

Working with a team of professionals like the one at Miche Pest Control means that you will always have expert technicians at your disposal. It’s our mission to address any current issues that you’re facing as well as prevent them from developing in the first place. In addition to our vast experience, our team utilizes EPA-registered products to further ensure your safety. At Miche Pest Control, all of our pest control programs are guaranteed, so if any treated pests return between regularly scheduled services, we’ll return to your property and continue to treat it at no additional cost until the issue is resolved. That’s something that you just won’t find with DIY methods. For more information on professional pest control, contact us today.

Four Ways To Keep Fleas Off Your Pets In Annandale

Pets like your cats and dogs are very common hosts for fleas and other parasites, making them one of the most frequent reasons why Annandale homes end up with flea infestations. In order to keep fleas off of Fluffy and Fido, try these tips:

  1. Start by consulting your veterinarian about year-round flea and tick prevention. It’s also important to inspect your cats and dogs on a routine basis for the presence of fleas and other parasites.
  2. Avoid interactions that your dogs have with animals that they don’t know, at the dog park, for example.
  3. Tend to the landscaping around your property by trimming back hedges and trees that lead to shade, mow your lawn regularly, and remove leaf piles and other yard debris. 
  4. Contact your local pest professional for reliable flea control on your property. 

It’s our mission at Miche Pest Control to provide Annandale homeowners with the most comprehensive flea control in order to guarantee their safety. We integrate methods like yard fogging and larvicide in order to break the lifecycle while also getting rid of adult fleas. Our expert technicians treat all of the pockets of your yard, from the perimeter of your foundation to the foliage and any harborage areas. If flea problems persist between treatments, we’ll re-service your home at no extra cost to you. To learn more about our flea control program and how your home can benefit from it, contact us today. 

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